Anne-Sophie Olsen

Anne-Sophie Olsen lives in Minnesota, where she teaches at a high school and serves as Creative Director for a publishing company. Her cat's name is Pip.

NOW AVAILABLE: Benediction for a Naturalist

Selected Poems

"Benediction for a Naturalist" (Veritas Journal)“Maggot Season” and “A Leaf” (LETTERS Journal)"Intercession," "Sparrows," and "Pilgrim" (Soul-Lit)"Resurrection," "Ascension," and "Pentecost" forthcoming in The St. Austin Review (stAR)"Good Friday: Veronica Considers the Veil" (Veritas Journal)"Poem Before a New Year" and "Autumnal" forthcoming in Soul-Lit


Runner-up for the 2022 Gertrude Claytor Poetry Prize of the Academy of American Poets